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A Varied Clientele

Who I’ve Worked With

I have worked with many clients and companies all across the San Francisco area during my time as a professional Gary Gomez . I love catering to my clients, providing them with everything they need in order for them to succeed. From the first brainstorming session to the creation of the final illustration, I make sure to keep my clients in the loop regarding the entire process. Let me know what I can do to bring your vision to life. Contact me today.

Client 8


An Artistic Vision

This client had a specific vision in mind when we started working together. I was able to take their idea and give it my personal touch without disrupting their vision, and the outcome was incredible.

Client 2


A Close Collaboration

I’ve been working with this client on a wide range of projects during my time as a professional Gary Gomez . From our first conversations to the initial sketches and all the way to the final illustrations, working with this client is something I always look forward to.

Client 3


First Impressions Count

When this particular client approached me about a new and innovative project they had in mind, I knew it was going to be a true success. We were able to collaborate together on a series of fantastic illustrations.

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