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Dear readers: thank you so much for your continued support.  I am blown away by your handwritten letters, emails, and phone calls, with your thoughtful words, stories of transformation, reunifications, and restoring beauty back into your homes and lives.  Thank you to our community business leaders for believing in us and trusting us with your advertisements.  After all, it’s our advertisers that make our publication a reality. 


The older I become, the more I see we were made for relationships.  We’re made to surround ourselves with those who encourage us to dream and to show us how our dreams are within our reach.  Life was never intended to be lived alone.  Businesses cannot operate without community.  Houses are not homes, unless filled with a person or people.  Dreams cannot become reality unless there is support along the way.


So come along with me in our fourth issue called Dreams into Reality. Sit back. Find your favorite space and dive into this cozy, quiet read—packed full of holiday cheer,  new year inspirations , goal-achieving projects, and inspiring stories from local businesses sure to awaken your dreams once again.  After all, it’s about the people. So read on and learn what’s at the heart of Cozy Home Magazine.  Stay tuned for our next issue in April 2023,  Inspiring Hope.


With love,


Aubrie Crowe

Publisher of Cozy Home Magazine

Dreams Into Reality

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