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Dear readers, what an incredible journey it has been. After launching our first issue, Transformation Comes From Within, I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our community and readers like you. With our second edition, Into the Light, we even ran out of copies. We love seeing the growth in our local businesses that partner with us and hearing how our magazine is inspiring joy, peace and excitement into our homes.


Springing into our next issue, our theme is called Finding the Purpose. Ironically, when these themes were developed, I had no idea that I would be experiencing such a purpose within my own life as the magazine content was beginning to be created. It’s absolutely beautiful.


Come along with me. Sit back. Find your favorite space and dive into this cozy, quiet read – packed full of interactive before and afters, tips and tricks to make your existing space beautiful, DIY projects, and inspiring stories from local businesses sure to steer you into your purpose.  After all, it’s about the people. So read on, and learn what’s at the heart of Cozy Home Magazine.  Stay tuned for our next issue in August 2023,  Dreams Into Reality.


With love,


Aubrie Crowe

Publisher of Cozy Home Magazine

Finding the Purpose

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